Edu Redox

Edu Redox<

This app allows you to quickly find the redox reactions, without knowing all the components. You will always be available schemes of electron and electron-ion balances for each equation, as well as brief descriptions with explanations to them. The reactions you are interested in can be added to the «Favorites» section.

Each reaction is supplemented with information about standard electrode poten-tials. No more need to open the directory in search of the necessary information about the processes.

The app has a "Handbook" section that allows you to quickly gain or refresh in memory the basic theoretical knowledge. Definitions, descriptions of methods and sequence of actions in the balancing of equations will be always at hand.

The application will be an excellent helper in mastering the skill of writing and balancing of redox reactions with the ability to self-check. It will also save your time and energy by offering a ready-made version.

The App works offline and doesn't require an Internet connection.

The main functions:

• Search for redox reactions
• Ready electron and electron-ion reaction balances
• Standard electrode potentials of processes
• Theoretical basis